Shenzhen Lingying Dongli Technology Limited Company

Tel: +86 15338744850



Shenzhen Lingying Dongli Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional mobile phone supplier in Shenzhen,China.

We are specializing in the production of features phone, smart phone, tablets and modems.

We have more than 200 employees and 4 professional production lines.

All our products have passed the quality inspection test to strictly guarantee the quality of the products.

We have professional engineer support, efficient sales team and competitive price advantage to ensure to provide customers with high-quality products and perfect services.

Attracting customers from all over the world, we export to more than 40 countries, including Europe, Poland, Serbia,Turkey, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India,Thailand, the Middle East and South Africa After several years of industry development, we have made considerable progress.

We are equipped with a surface mounter, automatic insertion machine and multi-function testing machine.Our R&D department provides strong technical support, enabling us to support more OEM and ODM projects.We can produce at least 50.000 mobile phones and 50000 tablets every month.

Our Brands are LUFT , OVALUE, BB, BEGOOD